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LC Brand

Connotations of "Legend Capital"

Congenial partners with common vision and goals create dream businesses together and share the success

Essence of Legend Capital brand: Know the People, Know the Way

Deal screening criteria of "Business First, People Crucial";
Proactive value added services to venture companies in our investment portfolio;
Cultural belief of "Pursue fortune with principles, talent capital, team wins, and innovative spirit";
Aim to become one of the most respected and most valuable investment companies with international influence.

Attributes of Legend Capital brand

  • Insight
    Know how things work and foresee the future.
    Industry development, technical innovation, life changes…we look into the future;
    Study systematically, broaden the view, embrace innovation…we invest in the future;
    Practical, down-to-earth, aggressive, open, and insightful to master the future.
  • Same principles and same mind
    Shared values, mutual trust, and equal-footing conversation.
    Born in an industrial startup, we fully appreciate the tears and joys of business growth;
    The relationship between Legend Capital, investors and entrepreneurs is the partnership with mutual respect. We share the same vision and goals, strive for beloved future together and enjoy the joint success.
  • Focus on value 
    Business first, people Crucial
    Providing real value for social advancement is the premise for the development of a business;
    The core team that pursues successful career and constantly learns and innovates is the engine behind a business future;
    Legend Capital helps startups create real value and realize their vision through providing proactive value-added services.
  • Prepare well to reach high
    Learning is a way of living.
    Profound industry background enables us to fully understand the way of startup and operation of businesses;
    Constant practice, review and lesson learning enable rapid accumulation and constant improvement of our professional abilities;
    We have a local investment professional team of shared vision that roots in China, understands China, appreciates each other, and works in concert.