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In China more than a decade ago, PE and VC were still fresh words, exotic from across the ocean, with a tint of mystery, few success cases and only familiar to a small group. Now with the exponential development of Chinese economy, an entrepreneur population is emerging, with increasing strength and size, and while the capital market gains more openness and liquidity is pumped in from many more sources, Private Equity and Venture Capital have become the powerful engine behind the growth of small and medium-sized, privately owned enterprises, the most flourishing segment of Chinese economy, esp. technology ventures, and are playing an increasingly important roles in China's economic transformation.

Needless to say, we are lucky to be a part of this, to have created outstanding track record in portfolio investment and fund management. More importantly, during the past ten plus years, we have built a seasoned team with sound professional ethics and investment expertise. While creating outstanding records and winning respect of peers, we also have established partnership of mutual respect and trust with investors and entrepreneurs and practiced the social responsibilities on our shoulders. We have lived our philosophy of "Pursuing Fortune of Value".

The Chinese society and economy is experiencing profound changes. Private Equity and Venture Capital, while still in their adolescence, could face questions and doubts, and even massive challenges. Therefore, we bear it to our heart to uphold our philosophy of "Pursuing Fortune of Value", to create real and sustained value to venture businesses, our staff, our clients and society, our investors and partners by proactive value added services.

We are born in Legend. Going forward, besides the continued support of Legend Holdings and all Legend members, we need the understanding and support of more friends. We aim to build "君联Legend Capital" into a brand "with influence, respected, and creating massive values for industries and the society", and share the success with partners of common dream and values to realize our vision together.

For tomorrow's legends!

ZHU Linan