Led by Legend Capital, Korean AI Quality Control Solution Provider Saige Research raised KRW 15.5 billion of Series B


Recently, Saige Research, a South Korea-headquartered AI solution provider for smart factory, has raised KRW 15.5 billion (approximately $11.54 million) for its Series B financing round, which was led by Legend Capital. The proceeds will be used for technology improvement and further development of domestic and international clients across multiple domains.

Founded in 2017, Saige Research focuses on R&D of AI solutions for industrial inspection and quality control. With decades experience in machine learning, image & signal processing, and system management, the company was selected as one of the "200 Baby-Unicorn" by Korea Ministry of SMEs and Startups.

Saige Research has two flagship solutions —— SaigeVision and SaigeVIMS. SaigeVision is used for product image inspection, based on deep learning and developed by a team of researchers from Seoul National University. Integrated various techniques such as Attention Training and core engine developed by the company, SaigeVision enables automated inspection in manufacturing industries, providing unmatched accuracy and speed for even the most challenging inspection problems compared to traditional visual inspection methods. SaigeVIMS is the first video intelligent monitoring system in industry. It can simultaneously monitor and manage over 200 IP cameras. SaigeVIMS inspects and reports anomalies in real-time, contributing to process improvement and loss saving caused by abnormalities during production process.

Based on its technology capabilities and business layout in both Korean and international markets, Saige Research has a proven track record of success with global leading companies, such as Samsung SDI, LG Energy Solutions, Foxconn, BYD, Hengrui Pharmaceuticals, and LG Nanjing Factory.

The founder and CEO of Saige Research, Professor Frank Park has degrees from both MIT and Harvard University and is serving as Doctor advisor at Seoul National University. He has nearly 30 years experiences in mathematics, optimization algorithms, and machine learning. He said that the latest funding is a recognition of Saige Research's unique technology and will help the company assist more global companies in building intelligent factories.

AI has been playing more and more important role in controlling product quality, reducing unnecessary losses during manufacturing process, and improving the profitability of manufacturers. Legend Capital appreciates the technical strength, R&D capabilities and product performance of Saige Research and will keep assisting the company in expanding global markets.