Legend Capital Portfolio Company ZKH Lists on the New York Stock Exchange Successfully


On the evening of December 15th, Beijing time, Legend Capital’s portfolio company, ZKH Group Limited ("ZKH") (NYSE: ZKH), was officially listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

ZKH is a leading maintenance, repair and operations ("MRO") procurement service platform in China. The company provides one-stop MRO procurement and management services for its customers and offers digital and fulfilment solutions for participants along the industry value chain.

ZKH offers a broad range of MRO products covering all major MRO product lines and over 17 million SKUs. The company’s product lines can be broadly divided into five categories: spare parts, chemicals, manufacturing parts, general consumables, and office supplies, which consist of 32 product lines available on its platform. It has established long-term cooperation with more than 60,000 advanced manufacturing customers. At present, ZKH has 30 distribution centers and 96 transit warehouses, continuing the dedication to building a nationwide fulfilment network to deliver last-mile delivery services for customers.

Legend Capital co-led ZKH's Series C financing in 2018 and made additional investments in the company’s subsequent financing rounds in 2019 and 2020. After the investment, Legend Capital has kept giving support and assistance to the company in multiple aspects, including business resource introduction, corporate strategy, follow-up financing and listing-related work.

Legend Capital stated: “After years of development, ZKH has demonstrated competitive strengths in the industry based on its differentiated capabilities, including one-stop supply chain capabilities covering all major product categories and procurement channels, delivery capabilities characterized by distributed warehousing and instant delivery, and service capabilities featuring online/offline products and advantageous product lines. At the same time, the company has an efficient and highly capable team consisting of outstanding talents in multiple fields, including industrial products, e-commerce, and logistics, and the management team, led by the founder of the company, Mr. CHEN Long, has also demonstrated strong resource integration capabilities. The approval for listing has reflected the resilience of ZKH's business development. Congratulations!”